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Directed  by  Richard  Cook

with Stacia Rice and Virginia Burle

There is a moment deep into the second act of Park Square Theatre's emotionally striking production of "Othello" when Steve Hendrickson's Iago briefly takes the hand of Stacia Rice's Desdemona. Shakespeare's most despicable villain, in Hendrickson's performance, briefly flashes an expression of shock, as though the touch of his lord's beautiful wife has unleashed the depths of his ardor for her, and a primary cause of his dastardly machinations. -- Quinton Skinner, Star Tribune  10/29/2009


“Honest” Iago, as he is foolishly described by Othello, is perhaps Shakespeare’s greatest villain. Wicked to the core, Iago’s stated justification for vengeance – supposedly getting passed over for a promotion – doesn’t come close to explaining his level of unmitigated hatred. Utterly inhabiting the role is one of the Twin Cities’ most skilled actors, Steve Hendrickson. His is a charismatically cruel Iago, a cunning manipulator whose schemes not only hide his true intent, but quite probably an unhinged mental state. For evidence, just listen to Hendrickson’s enunciation of the foreboding lines, “I am not what I am,” or his chilling delivery of Iago’s soliloquies, or his demented cackling at the conclusion. An inspired blend of tactician and sociopath, Hendrickson’s Iago is a sensationally vile creation that captivates with repulsive intent. -- Brad Richason,, 10/26/2009



As Iago, Steve Hendrickson is so sly, so cunning, we do not fault Othello for falling for his cruel tricks. Early on we give in to the fact that Othello will succumb to Iago, who maliciously—and deliciously—drives the plot's development through his twisted lies and hidden agendas. In his asides to the audience, there is an uneasy humor in how effortless it is for him to corrupt and control Othello's trust. -- Rebecca Mitchell, Twin Cities Daily Planet 10/27/2009

with James Williams

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