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My Fair Lady

The best performance I saw this spring was Steve Hendrickson's turn as Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady at Ten Thousand Things. The actor built Higgins from the inside out and showed the shattering transformation of a man who allows himself to be vulnerable.

Graydon Royce, Star Tribune, 

“Recap: Onstage in the 2nd quarter” June 27, 2010     Read full article


Steve Hendrickson struts with a taut understanding of Professor Henry Higgins, a mercurial boor whose self-obsessed genius allows him deeds of cruel indifference. He treats the London underclass as mere amusements for his observation and categorization. Yet, we see the small flame of humanity in his advocacy for education, manners and proper carriage as means of striving for a better station in life.

Graydon Royce, Star Tribune,  May 10, 2010     Read entire review


Steve Hendrickson is more conventionally cast as the supremely self-important Henry Higgins, but he, too, finds little hints of vulnerability and doubt in the role.

Dominic Papatola, Pioneer Press,  May 10, 2010          Read entire review


Hendrickson plays [Henry Higgins] as superior, self-satisfied, and in no way sympathetic.

Quinton Skinner,,  May 20, 2010       Read entire review


directed by Lear de Bessonet

Ten Thousand Things Theatre

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