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The standout performance, however, is Steve Hendrickson's Fagin. From his initial wily machinations as he seduces Oliver into his criminal network to a final scene in which he has been reduced to a gibbering wreck of raving desperation, Hendrickson creates a layered portrait of avarice and depravity that is utterly chilling.

--Star-Tribune, Lisa Brock, November 4, 2011


a wonderfully wicked turn by Steve Hendrickson as Fagin. Both factors work in conjunction as Hendrickson oozes sinister joy in the pursuit of his nefarious schemes. And while Hendrickson’s take on Fagin leads with shameless nastiness, the actor drives the role into depths of emotion unsuspected from a surface reading. Brad Richason, November 4, 2011 


After all, our titular character is moved along through the story by forces beyond his control, constantly working to escape to a better life while being chased by the terrors he left behind. That comes into perfect focus with Steve Hendrickson's Fagin. His scarecrow-like figure makes him appear to envelope Oliver (Noah Coon) in his clutches, never wanting to let go even when, by play's end, he has lost everything.

--Citypages, Ed Huyck, October 26, 2011


Steve Hendrickson as the oily criminal Fagin is fabulous.

--TC Metro, Lauren Peck, November 2, 2011

photos © Petronella Ytsma

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