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Worthy of special note [is] Steve Hendrickson. Hendrickson, for his part, takes a role, Polonius, that is too often underplayed and handled as an adjunct and delivers a memorable performance shaded with subtlety. Hendrickson's Polonius comes across as a caring father, loyal subject and contrite elder; one believes the conflicts within and the reasoning behind his choices, even as they are shown to be faulty.

Paul Castenada, The Ledger



directed by Richard Width

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Avery Clark is supported by a finely spoken cast—I especially liked Marni Penning as Ophelia, Steve Hendrickson as Polonius and Eric Zivot as Claudius......All this makes for one of the most theatrically potent "Hamlets" I've seen in a good many seasons, far fresher than last year's Jude Law-powered Broadway production and, I suspect, more accessible to boot. I brought along two friends who'd never seen "Hamlet" and knew nothing about the play beyond the barest of basics. Both found it exciting, absorbing and—most important—intelligible.

Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal


Surprisingly memorable was Steve Hendrickson, who, as Polonius, showcased the humor and humanity in the piece, taking a typically forgettable character and making him one of the highlights of the evening.

Alexis Riley, The Sandspur


[Richard Width] found [unexpected] humor in Steve Hendrickson’s Polonius: not a trivial fool but wittily self-aware.

Seth Kubersky, Orlando Weekly


Polonius (Steve Hendrickson) not only gets laughs, but appears as an elegant and caring father.

Carl F Gauze, Archikulture Digest

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