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"Gardens" has a superb cast, anchored by Twin Cities stalwarts Wingert and Hendrickson. She imbues her pantsuit-ed doyenne with all the righteousness and sweetness you'd expect of a privileged woman genuinely unaware of her ignorance. Hendrickson gives Frank a similar likability, and textbook-sharp timing."

Star Tribune


"The laughs flow freely — this is one of the funniest shows to hit the Guthrie stage in the last few seasons..."

Pioneer Press


"In the razor-sharp 'Native Gardens' white privilege fuels a ridiculous neighbor dispute."



"Hendrickson's Frank is a manchild who unofficially has ceded head of house duties to his wife, while investing himself in his garden like a kid obsessed with video games. His depiction of Frank's barely contained emotional breakdown over the fence line's threat to his garden is both hilarious and touching."

Talkin' Broadway

Photos by Dan Norman

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