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Steve Hendrickson plays Sidney with such amoral glee, such glib villainy that it is impossible not to root for him secretly. Mpls Star-Tribune

"The show is worth seeing for Hendrickson alone, his grey hair flying perilously out of control as his perfect plan unravels."

Thin, soft-spoken, arch, Hendrickson-as-Bruhl hides his bitterness and omnivorous ambition understated and masterful performance. HowWasTheShow

Steve Hendrickson does a masterful job of playing the washed up playwright, Sidney...his seemingly harmless nature makes more shocking his sudden change in conduct.

Hendrickson is wry and merciless as Bruhl and convinces us that we cannot always sublimate our urges through art. The display of weapons, some of which were used in his own plays – guns, handcuffs, axe, dagger, crossbow, spears and more – is testament to this. He can also show fragility when circumstances lead him there. aislesaytwincities

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