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An Enemy of the People

directed by Julianne Boyd

casting by Pat McCorkle

Oct 2-19, 2014

Photos by Kevin Sprague



Steve Hendrickson's naturalism is staggering as he fights to protect a populace that turns on him. Hendrickson has played more difficult roles but he has never been better at directly confronting issues with honesty.
- Berkshire Bright Focus. Read full review

Steve Hendrickson sets the stage afire.

-  Read full review

Steve Hendrickson’s affecting naively heroic Dr. traced with consummate skill, intelligence and honesty.

- Berkshire Eagle. Read full review

Tall, wiry, and understated, Henrickson plays the physician as an absent-minded scientist and doting father, boyishly casual and politically naïve.

- Arts Fuse, Read full review

Hendrickson can go from earnest enthusiasm to loud righteous anger within a matter of seconds.

-, Read full review

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